Long Ago, I Asked the Universe, How Do We Heal?

Long ago, I asked the Universe, how do we heal our patterns? Why do we get
caught in destructive patterns, having the same responses and doing the
same thing over and over? And, over again.

How do we heal on a subatomic level? How do we heal?

Here is what I heard,

Welcome to the wondrous inner world of you.
Wonderous, yes – but we also need to acknowledge
our painful and hidden spaces.

What harmful patterns are you caught in?

When you are living in your patterns, it is a limiting life.
There is no living in the moment,
you carry the past and it controls your future.

You may find yourself in addictive behavior – this is MISERY.
You become tired of dong the same thing over and over again.

Patterns rob you of your sense of self.
This is one of the greatest loses you can experience during your lifetime.

Your life is far too precious to live unconsciously in patterns.

Is it time for you to heal?

Is it time for you to do your inner work, the difficult work, the essential work?

We will go within, together.
We will explore, together.

We will turn our attention to the VR 100 Learning System, (Duality).

You are not alone.

Unifying is the present motif. Listening is the vehicle.
Your presence, required. Humanity needs you!


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Entering our inner world is an essential path as we choose to consciously heal. Begin now.