So Eileen, Why Did You Create All This?

If I could look you in the eye, this is what I would share with you:

We are on our planet to make an impact.

To love fully.  Tap into our body wisdom. Feel love with all its facets, give love with all its gifts. TO LOVE. TO FORGIVE. To grow, evolve. To go within and truly know thyself. To live life messy. To live life clearly. To live life connected to our heart/soul. To live life connected to others.

To heal patterns. To connect with healing partners.

To go beyond the physical.

Biopsychosocialspiritual this holistic model of care makes me SING.

Healing can be messy.

Don’t run. Healing can be painful. I know, but there is no way around that. Healing hurts sometimes, but then it gets better. You get bigger. Your capacity grows. You change. Evolution happens.

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You become more in touch with your spirit.

Look up. Look within. Keep looking. And, then look some more.

Tend to your heart. Fall into the emptiness. Bring kleenex.

Be willing to do the inner work.

Be willing to go deep within. Be willing to enter the unknown. Be willing to experience your inner pain.

Treasure your energy.

Nurture your physical body. Respect your emotions. Find joy. Hug often. Say I’m sorry. Say, you are forgiven. Live big fun. Be willing to go to the depths of the void. You will emerge. Know this.

Find your healing partners. Connect with the Divine. Cherish sacred connections.

Be kind to one another.

Live your life!

Live your truth!

Live your healing!

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Entering our inner world is an essential path as we choose to consciously heal. Begin now.


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Entering our inner world is an essential path as we choose to consciously heal. Begin now.