First Question, Do You Want to Heal?

As human beings,
we have been blessed
with the potential to heal.

So we are faced with a question,
do we WANT to heal?

This is an important question
because healing is not an easy journey.

In a nutshell, it’s the process

of going within,
removing blame from others,
and knowing, I am responsible.
I am responsible for my reactions and my responses.

It is immensely difficult
to take the emphasis off all others,
and place it on yourself.

To heal is to feel some of your most painful hidden feelings
and to allow for the scenery in your life to change.

It is to listen to your body and trust your body’s messages.

You get in touch with your energy
and begin to truly know
if your relationships are
enhancing or draining.

This path takes immense trust

because, once begun, there is no turning back
and often, the scenery changes along the way.

There is a transforming letting-go process.

Letting go
of people, places,
and emotional responses
that are familiar.

No, this journey is not easy.

but remember, along the way,

you will KNOW joy and spontaneity,
you will KNOW freedom and choice,

You will know yourself.

Yes, healing is a choice,

a choice of the heart,
a choice of the soul.

Do I need to heal?
Do I desire to heal?

Only you can answer this very personal question.

Only you know what works for your life

So, in your heart of hearts,
are you ready to heal?


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Entering our inner world is an essential path as we choose to consciously heal. Begin now.