The Focus of My Work

Finding My Focus Through Emotional Expression

One beautiful day when I was taking a walk, in my mind, I heard the words, ”emerging evolution of emotional expression”. It was a moment that imprinted my life. I KNEW that we were born to truly experience our emotional worlds to the fullest; it was a life changing moment for me. I had my direction. I heard my calling, to make the inner world tangible.

My life became a journey of creation.

I wrote. I listened. I meditated. I searched. I wrote. I listened. I traveled. I created.

My deepest question to the universe went something like this, “How can I bring healing transformation to our planet? What role can I play? How do I put all that I know from such a deep part of me, know from my travels, from meeting thousands of people in my coffeehouse and from going through so many personal experiences? What can I offer our world?”

The focus of my work is bringing the inner world mainstream.

I want to gather as many people as possible into the healing transformation that is happening.

Listening to chakras is almost like learning a new language, you listen with the limbic center in the brain (part of the mind that understands intuition, trust and decision making, yet, doesn’t have language centers) and then information gets filtered through the neocortex and finds expression. It’s a beautiful loop of blending the outer world and the inner world and then bringing that information to the forefront with language, expression and conscious awareness.


And, that is where warmly, eileen is a perfect fit for people; we offer information and resources as you prepare to consciously connect with your inner world. This particular journey of entering your inner world is a journey each individual makes on their own timing; it is a journey of self-awareness.  We are also waiting for you when you emerge from their inner search, offering support and guidance to blend your outer world and inner world.

WE are all about the people.

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Entering our inner world is an essential path as we choose to consciously heal. Begin now.


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Entering our inner world is an essential path as we choose to consciously heal. Begin now.