Are You Feeling Safe to Enter Your Inner World?

Let’s continue to explore going within.
One of the most important requirements
of going within is that you need to feel safe.

Feeling safe allows you
to explore your inner world.

Let’s understand feeling safe
as feeling safe within your skin,
feeling safe within your present environment.

You feel safe to let your guard down.
You are safe to go beyond some of your inner walls.

It is an extraordinary feeling,

It is knowing
that this moment, here and now,
is a moment out of eternity for you to fully experience.

You know you will be all right

when you explore areas beyond your comfort zone,
areas outside of your normal responses,
areas that are absent of light (your shadows).

In your vulnerability,
you may be uncomfortable,
but do not confuse this feeling
with the question,

Is it safe to enter my inner world?

Just because you are uncomfortable
does not mean you are unsafe.

In the outer world,
we often feel safe near nature.

Taking a walk,
gazing at the stars,
watching a sunset.

Your body actually picks up the frequency,
and you begin to feel a letting go of stress and worry.

You might also feel safe at home.

A quiet space,
a favorite chair,
a warm blanket around you.


You may feel safe listening to music,
talking with a friend,

Listen to your body.


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Entering our inner world is an essential path as we choose to consciously heal. Begin now.